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The Social Law Firm

For the second year, ATL and our friends at Good2BSocial have researched the social media practices of the largest U.S. law firms. Our goal was to rank the nation’s top 100 law firms on their effectiveness in using content marketing and social media. Today, we are publishing a white paper, The 2014 Social Law Index, with our findings.

Our research included an audit of the websites and social media profiles of the Am Law 100 firms (expanded from last year’s look at the Am Law 50) across all public platforms, including an assessment of each firm’s publicly available content, as well as social reach and engagement. We also incorporated the perspective of practicing attorneys and other legal professionals through a survey of the ATL audience.

In order to create the rankings for The Social Law Firm Index, we developed a formula that took into account the following metrics:

Reach. Represents the total number of unique people who had an opportunity to see the firm’s content. Reach would include number of followers on Twitter and/or LinkedIn, company page likes on Facebook, and followers or subscribers on other social media channels (for example: YouTube channel subscribers or Slideshare followers).

Engagement. Measures the actual interaction with the firm’s content via social media. This would include comments or likes (for status updates) on Facebook, RTs or mentions on Twitter, and likes on LinkedIn.

Owned Media. An assessment of the firm’s own site (including microsites) based on, among other things, the proportion of non-promotional content, frequency of updates, and shareability of content.

Please follow this link to get your free download of the complete 2014 Social Law Firm Index.